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match-3 battle
A brand new dimension of PVPVE Web3 gaming
Collect, upgrade, and win in the exciting world of CryptoEmpire, a match-3 strategy battle game. Dive in and enjoy the perfect combination of match-3 and combat - start your journey today and show your skills and battle strategy with 32 unique heroes!
Build your team
Find the best combination from 5 classes and 32 heroes
Discover the best combination to defeat your enemies! Each hero has a unique elemental class, and a strong team of different classes and skills is the key to winning. Find the best solutions and rise to the top of the leaderboard!
Play for fun
win to earn!
Battle and win to earn more rewards.
The higher your rank, the more rewards you’ll get. Win more $EMP rewards, level up your heroes, and ascend them to experience their maximum power!
Summon heroes
Not just a match-3 battle game, but also a game of chance!
Combine your heroes and create summoning stones to call up different characters. Stronger heroes create rarer stones, giving you a better chance to access more powerful characters. Try as many combinations as you can to collect the best heroes!
Trade NFTs
More cards, more fun, and more $EMP!
Once you’ve filled your team, you can trade with players from around the world to help each other collect the heroes to win!